We are a formal sales agent office whom represents auto parts and accessories factories and trading companies from several countries from around the globe, especially from Asian countries.

Our office was founded on August 1st, 1966 by Mr. Jose Roberto Sosa senior, starting the representation of Platka Export, an Export Division of Dana Corporation, later named Dana World Trade, located in Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A. In the following years he obtained the exclusive representation of recognized factories like Dayco hoses & belts, Monroe shock absorbers, Walker exhaust systems, among the main ones.

Mr. Roberto Sosa senior would assist every year to meetings organized by each supplier in different cities across America; he assisted to the first’s automotive exhibitions, which were held, in Chicago and Atlanta. Also he would receive constant training in several factories from the different suppliers. Mr. Sosa senior invited many Salvadorian customers to attend to their first’s trips to fairs and conventions, which made those customers, appreciate the support received on their company’s growing.

Dana Corporation was solely such a big representation line since they would offer recognized quality products like: Perfect Circle engine parts and piston rings, Wix filters, Spicer transmissions, axle and drivetrain parts, Spicer clutch, Chelsea power take-offs, Weatherhead hoses and couplings. However, at the end of 1990’s Dana started to have economic difficulties due their main production was to service as original equipment to the several American car manufacturers, whom at the same time experienced great economic difficulties when they lost great USA market to the Japanese car manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, etc. This caused the closure of several factories and layout of thousands of employees, as well as the movement of production to other countries (Mexico, China, Taiwan and India) with the idea to reduce costs at all levels.

It was then that Dana Corporation got into bankruptcy (Chapter 11) and started to sell some of their divisions and factories to other companies, including Eaton, Affinia, etc. Sadly for our office, the new owners did not want to work with agents or had already others for our region.
Back then, nearly 60% of our office sales depended on Dana’s lines and then we had to find for other options. By assisting to auto parts fairs of world recognition level (AAPEX-SEMA, AUTOMECHANIKA FRANKFURT) we obtained the representation of factories and trading companies with much smaller size than Dana but with fortress on their service, coverage, prices, quality and loyalty.

On 2006 Mr. Sosa senior retired from the office and to rest after 40 years of hard and tenacious work. On June 2009 we gave him a deserved tribute along with several of his customers and friends for so many years. Sadly on June 26th 2013 Mr. Sosa senior passed away at the age of 77 years old with the accomplished mission of being a good father and excellent boss, since his legacy continues.

At this time, we keep a stable and customer-oriented office with many years of accumulated experience and knowledge: Maria Adriana Sosa on customer service and frequent contact with suppliers and shipping companies. Salvador Molina in several office tasks. Jose Roberto Sosa Jr as General Manager and direct service to customers and suppliers.